IBM SmartCloud Control Desk

SPS offers the following services to support Help Desk:

IBM SmartCloud Control Desk Solution Architecture

We can help you with the Solution Architecture for IBM SmartCloud Control Desk.

IBM SmartCloud Control Desk Deployment and Testing

SPS can create an automated request fulfillment system through integrated service desk and service catalog. We provide your organization with flexible Help Desk and IT-Service management software to cater your help desk requests.

IBM SmartCloud Control Desk Remote Support

SPS provides quarterly health check of help desk systems which is absolutely free of cost and can help generate management reports for it. SPS can also completely maintain this system for the customer and help in the growth of operations.

IBM SmartCloud Control Desk Virtual Assistants

SPS can provide technical assistance to all its customers using Help Desk virtual assistants that are certified IBM consultants from Pakistan who can remotely assist anyone globally.

Supported Products