Key reasons for upgrading to WAS 9 - The Innovation Platform

  • Improved Performance and Efficiency
  • Intelligent management
  • API Lifecycle Management
  • Integration with cloud services
  • Improved security & availability

WebSphere Application Server v 9 is ready for the cloud, and by teaming with SPS you can be too.  Between SPS’ expertise in implementing Cloud based applications that leverage the latest in cognitive capabilities, and our deep expertise in WebSphere Application management, we’re the perfect partner to help you take full advantage of WebSphere’s ability to create a borderless environment. You can leverage container services like Bluemix, Docker, and VMWare to move your apps to the environment that best fits your needs.

WebSphere connect capabilities allow you implement API’s expose those API’s through API Connect, and securely integrate those with cloud services like Watson, Cloudant, dashDB, API Connect and the rest of the 100+ services on the Bluemix cloud.  Our approach leverages best practices for upgrade and migration and integrates in the cloud development knowhow to build your organizations bridge to the cloud with WebSphere v9.  The experience of our award-winning team will help you roadmap your organizations future with a focus on rapid, flexible innovation.  


WebSphere Migration Tools

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WAS v9 Launch Overview Video

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