Today's security threats continue to rise in numbers, and scale as sophisticated attackers break through conventional safeguards every day. Meanwhile, negligent employees inadvertently put the business at risk via human error.

The recent Ponemon study found that 201 days is the average time taken by companies to identify a data breach; and it costs U.S. organizations an average of $7 million per data breach.

Identity Governance & Access Management

IBM Identity Governance and Access Management oversees and manages user roles, entitlements and privileges across the cloud and the extended enterprise. These threat-aware solutions, via configurable policies, help organizations avoid segregation of duties violations and eliminate inappropriate user access. Organizations achieve more effective governance, prevent insider threats, identity fraud, and achieve regulatory compliance, all with auditable tracking.

IBM Security Identity Governance and Intelligence: Covers enterprise user lifecycle management, including access risk assessment and mitigation using business-driven identity governance and end-to-end user lifecycle management. 
IBM Security Identity Manager: Enables organizations to drive effective identity management and governance across the enterprise. 
IBM Security Privileged Identity Manager: Protects, automates and audits and safeguards the use of privileged identities to help thwart insider threats and improve security across the cloud and the extended enterprise

Privileged Identity Manager

IBM Security Privileged Identity Manager helps mitigate insider threats and secure master user accounts by centrally managing and auditing the use of privileged credentials across systems, applications, and platforms. The Privileged Session Gateway supports agent-less and agent-based and manual access to shared credentials providing greater flexibility in choosing privileged activity controls. The optional Privileged Session Recorder records privileged user activities for improved visibility and compliance. Another optional component, Privileged Identity Manager for Applications, secures databases, applications and scripts by eliminating the use of hard-coded, clear text passwords

IBM Security Privileged Identity Manager:

  • Provides centralized privileged identity management to address insider threats, improve control and reduce risk.
  • Reduces costs and overhead by providing faster time to value.
  • Addresses compliance, regulatory and privacy requirements.
  • Provides automated password management and single sign-on to protect access to enterprise resources.

Security Intelligence and Analytics

IBM's Security Intelligence, a cognitive and intelligent solution helps to uncover threats faster, identify vulnerabilities, perform forensic analysis, manage risks, automate compliance, and respond to incidents. Security intelligence solutions from IBM analyze all network activity with user, asset and endpoint data through a single, integrated console. Manage risks and identify high-priority incidents among billions of data points, execute configurable and automated actions for remediation, and support  regulatory compliance with collection, correlation and reporting capabilities.

Normalizes and correlates raw security data to identify offenses that require investigation and helps distinguish real threats from false positives.
IBM QRadar Advisor with Watson
Unlock the power of cognitive security to uncover new insights and rapidly respond to threats.
IBM QRadar on Cloud
Moves you to a flexible SIEM solution where the infrastructure is deployed and maintained in the cloud by IBM security professionals.
IBM QRadar Incident Forensics
Allows you to retrace the actions of a potential attacker and quickly and easily conduct a forensic investigation.
IBM QRadar Network Insights
Analyze network traffic in real-time for visibility to security threats such as phishing attacks, malware, insider threats, lateral movement and stop them before they can do harm.
IBM QRadar Network Security
Improves network security with increased visibility and control, using behavior-based analysis to detect active exploits and deliver advanced threat protection.
IBM QRadar Vulnerability Manager
Discovers security vulnerabilities, adds context and supports the prioritization of remediation and mitigation activities.

Mobile Security

IBM Mobile Security solutions provide a comprehensive approach to enterprise mobility. These solutions enable organizations to secure devices, data, applications and users. They are seamless, highly scalable and connect to existing environments – allowing implementation of any or all of the portfolio based on an organization’s needs.

IBM Mobile Security delivers the key imperatives of enterprise mobility:
Protect devices– Deploy and manage a diverse set of mobile devices from corporate owned assets to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).
Secure content and collaboration– Enable secure file and document sharing across mobile devices.
Safeguard applications and data– Develop secure code and protect mobile apps from data leakage.
Manage access and fraud– Prevent unauthorized mobile access while extending security beyond corporate walls to enable trusted mobile transactions.
Extend security intelligence– Identify mobile trends across a multitude of security events to quickly address potential offenses and eliminate false-positive results.

EndPoint Protection

Once you have been breached, every minute counts. Assessing vulnerabilities, accelerating risk prioritization and responding within minutes across all endpoints – on and off the corporate network is paramount to the success in containing the threat. IBM provides comprehensive endpoint security solutions to detect and stop advanced threats before damage is caused. IBM endpoint security solutions help you monitor and secure every endpoint,  – on and off the corporate network – before, during and after an attack. With IBM you get real-time situational awareness and incident response, you gain advanced protection against malware from the moment a threat is identified until security patches are in place and you bridge the endpoint gap between IT Ops and Security to reduce operational costs while improving security posture.

IBM BigFix

  • Compliance
  • Compliance PCI Add-on
  • for Managed Service Providers
  • Inventory
  • Lifecycle
  • Patch
  • IBM Security Trusteer Apex Advanced Malware Protection

Data Protection

Guardium is a comprehensive data security platform that provides a full range of capabilities – from discovery and classification of sensitive data to vulnerability assessment, to data and file activity monitoring, data masking, encryption, blocking, alerting and quarantining to protect sensitive data. Guardium helps secure sensitive data across a full range of environments – from databases to big data, cloud, file systems and more and provides automated analysis to quickly uncover internal and external risks to sensitive data.

IBM Security solutions for data security and protection:
IBM Security Guardium Data Protection for Databases
Monitoring, threat detection analytics and protection for sensitive data in databases.
IBM Security Guardium Express Data Protection for Databases
Entry level solution that helps automate compliance, monitoring and auditing databases.
IBM Security Guardium Data Protection for Files
Monitoring, threat detection analytics and protection for sensitive data in files and file systems.
IBM Security Guardium Vulnerability Assessment
Scan and detect vulnerabilities on a scheduled basis.
IBM Security Guardium Data Activity Monitor
Monitor access to databases and automate compliance controls.
IBM Security Guardium Data Encryption
Encrypt and decrypt sensitive structured and unstructured data and comply with industry and regulatory requirements.