To properly reduce risk, you must plan for action. Threats evolve, risks change, and your teams need to be prepared to respond in an effective and coordinated manner. SPS and Cognitive Security Manager provide the insight and planning to improve your response plans, drive better coordination of resources in a crisis, and where appropriate, the automation necessary to quickly remediate threats. By providing an accurate assessment of risk, SPS enables your CRO and leadership team to make investments intelligently in the areas that will provide the most effective risk mitigation for stakeholders, customers, and shareholders. Our integrated Risk Dashboard and Roadmap make Risk Management and Mitigation Initiatives more seamless and visible to your organization. Virtual CRO services provide the expert guidance your organization needs to move forward intelligently, and cost-effectively.

Risk Assessment
& Mitigation

Being able to assess and mitigate business risk is the driver behind most security plans and policies. We work with your team to provide a realistic assessment of the risks facing your business, in dollar terms, and then develop the right plan to mitigate those risks moving forward. Proper assessment and mitigation helps ensure value for stakeholders in security investments.


Knowing how to respond to security incidents is critical. SPS works with you to define the optimal combination of automation and escalation to ensure that the right resources are responding to security incidents in an appropriate manner. Our response plans are tailored to your staffing needs, with SPS providing extra support for your teams during off-hours events.

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