To actively protect your organization against breaches, it is critical to perform regular compliance assessments of your environment. Cognitive Security Management Services from SPS goes a step farther. We work with your team to align security policies with both regulatory requirements and your business needs. Assessments are designed to gauge compliance and provide a baseline for analyzing business risk. Our team of experts provide the leadership and consistency to provide optimal compliance protection for your information assets. With full integration in the Cognitive Security Manager platform, the CCO has full visibility across compliance related activity in your environment.

Vulnerability Assessments

Vulnerability assessments are essential for strong compliance with internal and regulatory security policies. Running across your security immune system, your defenses are only as strong as the weakest link. assessments cover Applications, Databases, Endpoints, and Networks across an array of security tools, elevating key results and recommendations to the CISO security dashboard.

Security Policy Compliance

SPS works with your team to help craft security policies that align with your regulatory and business requirements. Our assessment approach drives compliance visibility to both internal and regulatory policies. Our security experts stand ready to provide expert guidance on ensuring your systems stay compliant and risk to your business is minimized.

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