Overview of Cognitive Security Management Services by SPS

Register Now to see how Cognitive Security Management Services can improve the state of security, compliance and risk in your organization. Learn about our Virtual CISO, Discovery, Security Tool Administration, Threat Monitoring, Vulnerability Assessments, Security Policy Creation & Enforcement, Incident Response, and Risk Protection services. See how SPS can fit the right approach to your specific needs.

Who should view: CIOs, CISOs, CCOs, CROs and aspiring Security, Compliance and Risk Professionals with a need to improve security management and the ability to quickly assess organizational risks and vulnerability.

You should view this webinar if:

  • You need help managing Security, Compliance and Risk for your organization
  • You are not satisfied with the quality and cost of how your organization complies with regulatory requirements
  • You do not have a Security Officer or team responsible for the IT security of your organization or Compliance and Risk Officers responsible for regulatory compliance and organizational risk
  • Your Security, Compliance and Risk teams do not meet regularly to review progress
  • Your teams will not be able to withstand scrutiny and defend your past performance in case of a breach
  • You do not have a roadmap to improve security, compliance and risk for your organization
  • You do not have the tools to periodically and proactively update your CEO and the board on the state of security of your organization and your plans and roadmap to achieve air tight security
  • Your organizational security policy is static or shelf ware. It is not managed and updated based on day to day events, threats and offenses
  • Your stakeholders have not explicitly and clearly discovered and documented all the assets they are responsible to protect
  • You do not have security management tools or you are not getting the proper ROI from each tool
  • You do not have administrators to manage each security tool or your system admins do not have the skill set
  • You have not done a true risk assessment of your organization and do not know the cost of security breach
  • You do not have an Incident Response Plan or it is not coupled with daily monitoring of offenses

In this 1 hour session we cover an effective and affordable approach to driving better security protection and results for your organization.

Nouman Abbasi
Security Practice Manager

Wade Lee
Client Business Executive

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