The Security discipline of Cognitive Security Management Services gives your organization a holistic view of security operations. With an array of custom-fit services available to support your organization, Cognitive Security Manager by SPS enables an integrated approach to monitoring and escalating a wide array data from your security platforms. With remote security monitoring, SPS enables your team to stay focused on essential tasks, while we handle the critical and ever expanding work of log monitoring and escalation. With superior integration capability, Security Monitoring with CSM keeps your CISO in the know with integrated dashboards and a single point of view across traditionally siloed security platforms. Our Virtual CISO dashboard and security roadmap help you keep your stakeholders up to date on current issues and planned improvements. Need help optimizing and deploying your security tools? We can ensure your security tools are deployed for optimal protection and compliance.

Threats &

Based on definitions provided in the Security Discovery phase, we provide 24x7 monitoring of logs and flows for your selected security tools. Within this process, we apply human and AI based learning to analyze threats and appropriately escalate incidents, with superior handling for false positives and misleading security trigger events.

Monitor Security Tools

Your team gets to decide what security tools you would like us to monitor, versus what tools you would like to integrate and manage yourself. SPS provides daily checklists, performance tuning, backups, and monthly patches with our remote monitoring services, freeing your staff to focus on more strategic work internally.

Robust integration drives holistic visibility for the CISO

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