OT Security - Discovering your OT Assets

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Hosted by Imran ur Rehman
Senior Consultant and Power Industry Leader

Date: Tuesday, October 4th, 2022

Time: USA 07:00 am To 08:00 am EDT

UK 12:00 pm To 01:00 pm

UAE 03:00 pm To 04:00 pm

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About Webinar

If we don’t have complete and updated OT asset inventory, it becomes practically impossible to effectively implement strong cyber security controls and protect our OT assets.

Effective OT Asset Discovery service enhances visibility of your critical industrial assets without interruptions to your production processes. Comprehensive mapping of OT devices and networks allows you to identify anomalies or suspicious activities and mitigate risk to your operations.

Software Productivity Strategists is bringing you the opportunity to take the right start and first identify what you need to defend. VISIBILITY IS THE KEY!


Tentative date of this event is 19th September 2022 and final details of this event will be shared soon.

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