About Us

SPS started business operations in 1993 to help organizations improve software development productivity. Since then we have added expertise in networks, systems, applications and database management systems. Today we describe our value-proposition with SMILE – Security, Mobile, Infrastructure, Learning and Events services.

Transforming SPS into an innovation powerhouse

  • The Innovation Business Unit Team creates award-winning innovative applications through the application of Cognitive, IoT, Cloud, and Analytics.
  • Our Security consultants are assisting clients in securing their IoT and Cloud implementations.
  • Our infrastructure architects are assisting clients with planning and design of private and public clouds.
  • We deliver and create training on transformative cloud technologies, and we manage private virtual hackathons for applied learning.
  • We are certified by IBM on SmartCloud including Control Desk and Application Performance Management.
  • We are Google Enterprise console Authorized for Chrome OS and Chromebooks. We provide managed subscription services to IBM, Intermedia, VMWare, and more.
  • We provide managed subscriptions services to IBM, Intermedia, VMWare, and more.

Contact Us

Contact us

Corporate Headquarters

Software Productivity Strategists, Inc.

9420 Key West Ave.
Suite 220,
Rockville, MD 20850

Phone: 301.838.2777

Email: info@spsnet.com

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