Conversational AI for fast and friendly customer care

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IBM watsonx Assistant is a market-leading, conversational artificial intelligence platform designed to help you overcome the friction of traditional support and deliver exceptional experiences to prospects, customers, and employees. Conversational AI allows businesses to offer round-the-clock customer support, addressing queries and issues at any time.


Powered by large language models (LLMs) you can trust, and an intuitive user interface, watsonx Assistant empowers your teams to build AI-powered voice agents and chatbots that deliver automated self-service support across all channels and touch-points with seamless integration to the tools that power your business.


Customer benefits:


Return On Investment

A 2023 Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact™ study, commissioned by IBM, modeled a composite organization based on real client data that showed a payback period of less than 6 months and an ROI of 370% over three years.


Answers automated with accuracy

Bradesco automated their customer service answers with 95% accuracy using watsonx Assistant—answering 283,000 questions monthly and continuing to learn from feedback from over 10 million interactions.


Self-service availability

Provide a consistent experience across channels and scale to handle large contact volumes.  Use an intelligent virtual agent as the initial touchpoint with customers to provide answers and self-service actions—even during off-hours.


Key features:

Explore the many ways that watsonx Assistant can speed communications with customers, boost productivity, and improve your bottom line.

Agent Assist

Augment your customer service agents and scale your team’s best techniques, insights, and important data across every interaction in real-time.


Artificial intelligence

Meet a natural language AI chatbot that understands human conversation and improves the customer experience.



Seamlessly connect the channels where your customers engage with the systems, tools, and processes that power your business—without migrating your tech stack.







Protect your chatbot data privacy and protect customers against vulnerabilities with scalability and added security.


Visual builder 

Launch a chatbot with no coding skills. Train with only a few questions or use our chatbot templates right away.



Give your AI voice chatbot a clear and friendly voice. Integrate IBM watsonx Assistant on the phone to improve customer support.

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