Racks and Enclosures


Custom Racks

Feature-rich custom-configured or pre-integrated cabinets tailored to your specific needs. Fast turn-around and no minimum order quantities on Assemble-to-Order and simple factory modifications.


EcoStruxure Micro Data Centers

Complete IT infrastructure within a stand-alone, secure enclosure for protection of critical business applications. Include: power distribution, UPS, and environmental monitoring Fast to Deploy, Secure, Standardized and Cost Effective


NetShelter Configurable Enclosures

A fully configure-to-order IT enclosure platform, with all the feature-rich capabilities you have come to expect with NetShelter. Quickly and confidently configure an enclosure to meet your exact needs


Key features and characteristics of APC Schneider Electric racks may include:


  1. Physical Design: APC racks come in various sizes and form factors to accommodate different equipment types and densities. They are typically built to fit standard 19-inch rack-mountable equipment and are available in different heights (measured in rack units or U) and depths.

  2. Construction and Materials: These racks are constructed with high-quality materials to provide stability and durability. They often have a sturdy frame, doors, and side panels, and they may be available in different finishes (e.g., black, gray) to match the data center's aesthetics.

  3. Cable Management: APC racks often include cable management features such as cable channels, grommets, and hooks to help organize and route cables neatly. Proper cable management improves airflow, reduces clutter, and simplifies maintenance.

  4. Airflow and Cooling: Many APC racks have perforated doors, side panels, and roof panels to facilitate proper airflow and cooling. Adequate airflow helps maintain optimal operating temperatures for IT equipment.

  5. Security: Racks may include lockable doors and side panels to restrict physical access to the equipment and prevent unauthorized entry.

  6. Mounting Options: APC racks provide options for mounting various types of equipment, including servers, switches, PDUs, and cable management accessories. They often have adjustable mounting rails to accommodate different depths of equipment.

  7. Compatibility: These racks are designed to be compatible with a range of APC Schneider Electric accessories and products, such as PDUs, cable management solutions, and environmental monitoring devices.

  8. Modularity and Expandability: Some APC racks offer modular designs that allow for easy expansion and customization. Additional rack units, side panels, and other accessories can be added as needed.

  9. Accessories: APC Schneider Electric offers a variety of rack accessories, including shelving, blanking panels, power distribution units (PDUs), and more, to enhance the functionality and organization of the rack.

  10. Integration: APC racks are designed to seamlessly integrate with other APC infrastructure and management solutions, creating a cohesive and efficient data center environment.

When selecting an APC Schneider Electric rack, consider factors such as the size and type of equipment you need to house, the available space in your data center or server room, scalability requirements, and any specific features you need for cable management, cooling, and security. It's advisable to refer to the official Schneider Electric website or consult with their representatives to choose the right APC rack model for your needs.