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QRadar SIEM is built on an open platform and wide partner ecosystem with over 700 supported integrations and partner extensions. By harnessing these capabilities, your enterprise can seamlessly incorporate existing security products, ultimately optimizing ROI. QRadar SIEM does not require fine-tuning, allowing for immediate detection from day one. Complex customization of onboarding log sources, which often consumes significant time (upwards of 6+ months), is unnecessary, eliminating any learning curve for analysts. By incorporating threat intelligence feeds, vulnerability management tools, and endpoint security platforms, QRadar SIEM creates a robust integration ecosystem, offering a highly tailored security experience for analysts to detect and remediate threats faster. 

Why QRadar SIEM


Analysts saved more than 14,000 hours over 3 years on identifying false positives



Analysts saw a 90% reduction in time spent investigating incidents



There was a 60% reduction in the risk of experiencing a significant security breach


In-depth visibility across the enterprise

Collect comprehensive security and activity information from on-premise, cloud, and hybrid cloud solutions to gain a holistic view of the security state across your entire environment.

Broad scalability

Unlock effortless scalability for your growing business with a multitenant environment that offers security services to multiple client organizations from a single, shared deployment.

Near real-time detection

Leverage AI, machine learning, and automation to detect and prioritize threats automatically.

Cloud migration support

Thinking about moving to the cloud? QRadar SIEM provides managed services specifically designed to assist you with the migration process. Where other vendors often lack comprehensive support for such transitions, with QRadar SIEM, you don't have to worry about being left without assistance. We understand the importance of meeting you where you are in the process, which is why we offer a range of options.

Whether you require different deployment alternatives or additional services, IBM Security QRadar SIEM is here to help you every step of the way, ensuring you have the necessary support to execute a successful migration.

Over 700 supported integrations

Extend your QRadar SIEM threat detection capabilities with Federated Access, which provides deep API integrations through our device support modules (DSM), network behavior collection devices, threat intelligence feeds, and vulnerability scanners to gather pertinent security activity across the environment quickly.

The most recent addition is Red Hat OpenShift. It simplifies deploying and managing a hybrid infrastructure, offering developers and IT operators the flexibility to choose between self-managed or fully managed services. It can be run on-premises, in the cloud, or in hybrid environments

SIEM options

IBM Security® QRadar® SIEM (SaaS)

Get all the benefits of QRadar SIEM without needing to invest in hardware and software.

IBM Security® QRadar® Suite (Software License)

License flexible consumption of the full suite of capabilities.

Use cases

Advanced threat detection

Responding to advanced threats is resource intensive, time consuming and time sensitive. Accelerate detection with visibility and AI.

Threat hunting

Generate comprehensive intelligence and help your analysts hunt for cyberthreats in near real time by turning disparate data sets into action.


Fast ransomware attacks demand faster responses. With attackers moving faster, organizations must take a proactive, threat-driven approach to cybersecurity.


Show evidence of compliance and declaration of conformity with applicable regulatory statutes and internal audits for your environment.

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