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Conversational AI

Revolutionize communication with our Conversational AI services. Our chatbots redefine the user interaction landscape, offering personalized and responsive conversations. Beyond enhancing customer support and streamlining processes, our solutions, fueled by NLP and machine learning, create efficient communication channels that adapt to your unique needs.

At SPS, Conversational AI isn't just a service; it's a strategic partnership where our passion for innovation, expertise, and personalized engagement converge. Join us on this transformative journey, where every interaction is a testament to our commitment to redefine the way you connect, communicate, and innovate.

What is Conversational AI?

For us, Conversational AI isn't just about technology; it's a testament to our commitment to redefining human-computer interaction. We employ advanced natural language processing and machine learning to empower machines, ensuring they not only understand but genuinely connect with users in a way that reflects our dedication to intelligence and innovation.

Why Conversational AI?

We believe in forging authentic connections. Through our Conversational AI, we empower businesses to create meaningful interactions, providing instant, personalized engagement that resonates with your audience. We Integrate Conversational AI into your workflows automates tasks and facilitates seamless communication, elevating operational excellence within your organization. Our Conversational AI unlocks valuable insights, giving you a profound understanding of user behavior, preferences, and sentiments to make informed decisions.

Services and Activities:

· Customized Chatbots: Crafting bespoke solutions is our forte. Our team specializes in developing intelligent chatbots that amplify your brand's efficiency, tailored precisely to your unique business needs.

· Voice Assistants: We take pride in elevating user interactions through voice-enabled applications. Our expertise in voice recognition technology ensures a seamless and intuitive experience, emphasizing accessibility and user satisfaction.

· Integration and Deployment: Seamless integration into your systems is our promise. Our team handles the entire deployment process, ensuring a smooth transition and minimal disruption, reflecting our dedication to your operational success.

· Continuous Improvement: Innovation is our constant. Committed to staying ahead, we continuously enhance our solutions, incorporating the latest advancements and fine-tuning algorithms to ensure your Conversational AI solution evolves dynamically.

Success Stories

· Codee (2017): Developed to address a surge in missed customer calls, Codee improved customer service and enabled regular monitoring of consumer data, doubling customer care center efficiency. Ongoing enhancements include sentiment analysis for emotional and language tone detection.

· BryteBot (Ongoing): An iterative keyboard recognition-based bot by BryteMap, continuously enhanced for maximum potential and superior Return on Investment (ROI).

· AIMY - My AI Friend (2018): Finalist in the Watson Build Challenge, AIMY is an interactive device designed to be a friendly companion for individuals dealing with depression and loneliness. Recognized for Social Justice at Watson Build 2018.

· Academic Partnerships Collaboration: Teamed up to implement a Watson Assistant-powered chatbot for streamlining program enrollment processes. Provided training, guidance, and facilitated secure email extraction of chatbot conversations for staff follow-up.

· Latest Endeavor: Currently exploring IBM's Watson X Assistant, powered by large language models, to enhance the SPS website's customer experience through an innovative chatbot solution.


Starting at USD 5,000 for 40 hours of consulting services per month


24/7 Availability

Chatbots offer continuous support, ensuring users have access to information or assistance at any time. Generative AI further enhances this availability, allowing for automated data synthesis and content creation.

Cost Efficiency

Chatbots automate routine tasks, reducing the need for human intervention and resulting in cost savings for businesses. Generative AI contributes to cost efficiency by streamlining processes like data generation and content creation.

Instant Responses

Chatbots provide quick responses, minimizing wait times and enhancing user experience. Generative AI, with its ability to swiftly generate content, supports instant responses and dynamic interactions in various applications.


Both chatbots and Generative AI are scalable solutions, capable of handling a large volume of simultaneous tasks and interactions. This scalability ensures adaptability to varying levels of user engagement and demand.

Consistent Communication

Chatbots maintain consistent communication by delivering accurate and standardized information across interactions. Generative AI contributes to consistency by generating content with a high degree of coherence and relevance.

Data Synthesis and Analysis

Chatbots collect valuable user data, while Generative AI excels in synthesizing and analyzing complex datasets. Together, they provide businesses with actionable insights into user preferences, behaviors, and market trends.

Content Creation and Personalization

Generative AI facilitates creative content generation and personalization, enabling the development of tailored recommendations and user-specific experiences in applications such as e-commerce, entertainment, and social media.

Problem Solving and Innovation

Generative AI's ability to analyze complex datasets contributes to problem-solving, making it valuable for research and scientific discovery. Both chatbots and Generative AI drive innovation by enabling the development of new technologies and applications that leverage their respective capabilities.