Fleet Tracking and Asset Monitoring

Propel GPS’s SaaS Fleet Tracking Solutions – now trucking companies can track cargo and truck locations to ensure accurate deliveries. It is: *Cost-effective *Real-time *Remotely manageable *It is smart! Monitor and decrease costs on transit today! Ensure Product Integrity: Temperature-sensitive cargo by sending real-time reports; a damaged or spoiled product often results in major expenses for freight companies. Fuel Cost Savings: Monitoring and detecting remotely the Idling trucks, unauthorized stops, and route aversions.

Solution Overview

Our world cannot be imagined without the existence of oil and gas. They constitute the major industries in the energy market and exhibit tremendous influence in the global economy. The processes and mechanisms are immensely complex and require state-of-the-art technology for execution. Additionally, it is considered one of the most capital-intensive markets. Hence, its transit monitoring and safety, which may be low-cost but effective, has been a pressing concern today.

Propel GPS’s SaaS Fleet Tracking Solutions can help combat the problem with its smart tracking system. Now trucking companies can track cargo and truck locations to ensure accurate deliveries. 

Propel GPS’s SaaS fleet tracking solutions allow trucking companies to track cargo and truck locations to ensure accurate delivery dates. Video camera options can be used to identify driver alertness to avoid accidents and, in turn, liability risk. Electronic logbooks and hours of service logs can easily be recorded remotely by adding a mountable tablet in truck cabs. Fleet tracking and monitoring provide a variety of insights for transportation management, creating opportunities for cost savings and in their competitive advantage.

Solution Benefits

  • Increases fleet efficiency
  • Meets and maintains new compliance requirements
  • Saves fuel from excessive idling
  • Reduces shrinkage and spoilage
  • Reduces unauthorized vehicle use
  • Curbs unsafe driving habits
  • Speeds emergency response with real time location tracking