Network Visibility Operations Services

The SPS Network Visibility Operations Service suite offers three levels of service to address specific client environments: rn1) Basic Health Check; 2) Configuration Review & Testing; 3) Comprehensive Documentation and Training



SPS will review your network visibility solutions support documentation (run book) and diagrams. This will enable a validation of your network packet broker and/or bypass switches solution with respect to your network environment and security infrastructure.


This service includes assistance with license file and software/firmware updates. In addition, we will review the configuration of NTP, Syslog, SNMP, and authentication services.


With this second-tier service, SPS will help you optimize your existing configuration. We will:

  • Validate physical cabling against diagrams and documentation.

  • Update aggregation, filtering, and load balancing configurations, adding any new networks and/or protocols requiring security inspection, and removing such criteria that no longer exist in your environment .

  • Review your configuration with respect to your TLS/SSL decryption services.

Next, SPS will help you design and generate test traffic to validate the following:

  • your security inspection and monitoring capability.

  • network connectivity.

  • application performance.

We will manage and direct maintenance change windows for configuration updates and testing.

As the final step in this service, SPS will document post-testing recommendations, including: a basic end-user configuration guide; outlining best-practices for your security; and network operations teams.


As a top-level service, SPS will re-document and re-diagram your network visibility infrastructure, consolidating and summarizing where possible to eliminate redundancies. This documentation includes failure scenarios and remedies, demonstrates the value of bypass switches and inline high availability (HA) configurations, as well as an overview of any network packet broker (NPB) advanced features.

Advanced end-user training sessions are offered for an additional charge.

Service Tier


One Data Center

Two to Ten Data Centers

More than Ten Data Centers

Level 1: Basic Health Check 

Documentation review, software and license updates, syslog and SNMP validation, authentication set-up




Level 2: Configuration Review & Testing

Network packet broker (NPB) configuration validation and testing, post-testing recommendations, and best-practices summary




Level 3: Comprehensive Documentation & Training

Re-document and re-diagram network visibility infrastructure, outline failure scenarios and remedies, and demonstrate benefits of bypass switches, HA, and advanced features; advanced end-user training for an additional charge




Supported Platforms:

  • Keysight
  • Gigamon