Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing (VAPT)

Are you looking to launch a new business application? Are you trying to find vulnerabilities in your infrastructure to mitigate them before the attackers start exploiting them? Do you want to go above and beyond and challenge your security capability with a red-team exercise? Have you identified your organization's crown jewels and want to test whether they are well protected or not?

Most cyber-attacks around the world involve a cognitive process where the adversary is a human that utilizes his creativity and decision-making abilities to dodge the implemented security controls. You need to be proactive to find out and fix the vulnerabilities in your applications and infrastructure before the attackers exploit them. An automated vulnerability scan cannot identify and exploit the vulnerabilities like a skilled and determined human expert;  this approach often results in several critical flaws and vulnerabilities being missed -- that eventually allows cyber-criminals to take advantage of them.
If you are looking for anything related to offensive security, you need not to go anywhere else. With the expertise of highly skilled red-teamers and penetration testers from the industry, SPS provides you something more than just automated vulnerability scans. Our experienced offensive security professionals mimic the adversarys' thought process and challenge your security controls -- to provide you with strategies to mitigate threats. Because, the more you sweat in the ring, the lesser you bleed in the battlefield!

We offer following cybersecurity assessment services: 

    • Cloud Security Assessment (AWS, Azure and GCP)

    • Internal and External Network VAPT

    • Mobile & Web Application VAPT

    • Phishing Simulations

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