Cybersecurity Regulations for Power Sector

Led by Imran ur Rehman, Senior Consultant and Industry Leader

Date: Thursday, July 7th, 2022

Time: USA 08:00 am To 09:00 am EDT

UK 01:00 pm To 02:00 pm

UAE 04:00 pm To 05:00 pm

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About Webinar

In today’s increasingly complex cyber focused era, a robust security ecosystem lays foundation for power industry to become more secure and prepared for the cyberwarfare.  It strengthens the regulatory framework, puts in place mechanisms to respond to security threats and warnings and resiliently safeguard the critical assets and infrastructure. When malicious attackers gain access to an industrial control system, IT and OT assets, they can sabotage controls and safety processes. This leads to costly outages, damages to the ecosystem and assets, threats to national security and even environmental disasters. This has made the Cybersecurity regulations and controls, inevitable, immediate, and mandatory for Power Industry.

NEPRA has also published draft of  IT Security Regulations (IT & OT) which lays foundation for Power industry in Pakistan to tighten their grip on cybersecurity controls for securing Pakistan’s Electric Grid. This step reflects the vision of following IT security standards in today’s cyber driven world in to function, flourish and meet its objectives independent of being part of any industry. These regulations set minimum standards for compliance by the licensees, registered persons and generation companies in the interest ensuring safe and reliable electric power services are provided to the consumers and necessary trust is maintained among the stakeholders of the power sector.

Goals and Objectives
  • Gather Power industry stakeholders on a forum with common agenda
  • Sensitize on need of adopting the Cybersecurity regulations
  • Global perspective on how important it is to secure the Power sector
  • Current state of cybersecurity guidelines in Pakistan’s Power sector
  • Readiness to handle the upcoming cyberwarfare with power sector in focus.
  • Introduction and Opening Remarks
  • Importance of Cybersecurity Regulations in Power Industry
  • Why Power Industry is prone to Cyberattacks in the Cyberwarfare
  • What is the global perspective to secure Power sector?
  • Cybersecurity guidelines in Pakistan
  • Open discussion and Q&As
Who should join
  • Power Industry Stakeholders (Direct and Indirect)
  • All Generation, Transmission and Distribution Companies
  • Academia (faculy and students) with interest in Power Industry
  • IT Security, Development and Design professionals with interest to develop solutions for power / electric Industry

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Imran ur Rehman

Senior Consultant and Industry Leader

Mr. Imran ur Rehman is an experienced Information Security and Information Technology professional. He has worked in NEPRA as Information Security Manager and lead the ‘’Power with Security initiative’’ and drafted the first IT Security Regulations for Power Sector. Prior to NEPRA, he worked for Deloitte as Senior IT Consultant and has a vast experience in software Programming, Design and Development.