QRadar - Remote Monitoring, Management & Support





Basic SPS offers L2/L3 Help Desk to support customers utilizing Cybersecurity and related products. The SPS Help Desk can integrate seamlessly into the client's existing support infrastructure while providing the necessary response and escalation to Senior SPS support specialists.

8 hours/day - 5 days a week

$ 3,000.00
Standard 12 hours/day - 5 days a week $ 6,000.00
Premium 24x7 $ 12,000.00

Please send an email to security@spsnet.com to initiate this service. 

Use Cases

Retail like other industries are facing a severe shortage of technical talent specifically individuals experienced in IBM QRadar.


SPS team can provide Managed QRadar services with 24x7 Helpdesk to address this problem.

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