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Drilling Engineering

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Available Formats: Virtual
Date: 07/18/2022 - 07/20/2022

Time: 05:00 PM - 06:00 PM PKT

Price: 3,999 USD

About Course

This course provides a comprehensive overview of the fundamentals of oil and gas drilling engineering concepts and day to day operations

Course Details

Introduction to Oil Gas Industry Oil and Gas Development Formations rock pressure and hydrocarbon traps Petroleum reservoirs Exploration processes Introduction to Drilling Definitions and terminologies Drilling rig team Oil company structure Drilling contractor responsibilities Drilling service company s responsibilities Drilling rig types Land rigs Offshore rigs Drilling Rig Components Drilling rig components and functions Rig power system Hoisting system Circulating system Rotating system Drilling data recording system Well control system Well Planning and Design Wellbore planning and design process Data inputs Long lead time items and procurement Offset wells reviews Well Cost Estimate AFE Drilling fluids design Well trajectories Directional Drilling Drilling Bits Types of bits Classification of bits Rock failure mechanisms Bit records Components of drill string Drilling Operations and Hole Cleaning Well drilling activities Drilling parameters Drilled cuttings handling Drilling fluids mud Typical drilling problems and lost time Functions of Drilling Fluids Mud properties Water based muds Oil based muds Hydrostatic pressure Buoyancy Rheological models Casing and Cementing Functions of casing and cementing Properties of cement Single stage and multi stage cementing Blowout Prevention System Well control Kick and its causes Prevention of kicks Well Shut in Well kill operations Logistic Support and Services Rig location and access to services Weather conditions Supply vessels Helicopters Land base Sea port facility Health Safety Environment and Security People and safety Personal Protective Equipment PPE Drilling operations and equipment safety Slip and trip Fall protection Hazardous Energy Chemical Hazards Fire Safety Hydrogen sulfide safety Oil spill prevention and response First Aid Well Completions Types of completions Perforating a well Well testing Completion equipment concepts and techniques Multi zone completions Artificial lift technique Workover operations Wireline pressure control equipment and Christmas tree

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