SPS Launches Internship Program 2024

Software Productivity Strategists, Inc. launches internship to job program for undergraduate and graduates students. We are starting this program with the belief that anyone, anywhere, should be able to get the skills and experience they need to start their career without barriers like schedule, or location getting in their way. As an SPS Intern, you will gain experience in working at the forefront of technology, solving business challenges, developing innovative solutions, and learning from inspiring leaders.

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Internship To Job Program

Make your resume stand out with SPS internship

Sharing knowledge and inspiration is equally important in our professional spheres. It can foster vision and strengthen our professional ties. We offer virtual internships, which will help you grow not only professionally but also personally. Our team has extensive, global networks in Technical, Sales, and operations. We have an award-winning team that includes IBM-certified inventors and champions who have won multiple worldwide competitions.

We are partners with some of the most prestigious organizations in the world like Microsoft, Lenovo, IBM, Red Hat, Sophos, HCL, SAP, Oracle, Honeywell, etc.



We offer internship opportunities in all major operations functions.

1. Human Resources

Human resources is viewed as one of the fundamental departments of a business as it is responsible for further enhancing the learning and development of its employees. Human resource internship we will prepare you for the challenges which you will encounter in industries.

HR internships involve active participation in the recruitment process, human resource operations, Employee management, talent acquisition, hiring, onboarding, offboarding, and day-to-day human resource tasks. Our HR internships will make your resume stand out from the crowd and advance your career.

2. Accounting & Finance

As an accounting intern or finance intern, you have the opportunity to boost your resume and stand out as a top candidate. You will develop critical, real-world knowledge. This will help you to build yourself for world-leading financial institutions including investment banks, commercial banks, hedge funds, asset managers, insurance firms, financial technology companies, and accounting firms

4. Administration

In an administrative internship, you will learn how to manage and organize internship tasks. We make sure our interns have skills that help them to compete in the market. The administrative operation systems, design & implementation of new procedures, customer services, and creating and maintaining records efficiently are the basic skills that you will learn under the supervision of our experts.


We offer internship opportunities in all major technical functions to sharpen your analytical and technical skills. We have a team of experts that will mentor and guide you to sharpen your skills.

1. Cyber Security

As a SPS Cybersecurity interns you will have advantage to learn all the technical skills that will help you in the future. We have a team of experts who provide world-class services to top-notch industries and organizations. Like: Digital Trust, Threat Management, Application Security, Network Security, Professional Services, Help Desk Services, Security Operations and SAP Security. These skills will surely add value to your resume and will help you to become an expert.

2. Cloud

SPS Certified team can help organizations build, develop, deploy, and manage their cloud workload by leveraging the leading cloud service providers. Through this internship program, you can learn these technical skills. SPS specialists are dedicated to making sure you get the most out of the cloud through their leadership and mentorship.

3. AI and Automation

SPS Has the best AI and Automation team that develops AI based solutions for corporates & startups. You can be a part of our team through this internship program. We will help you learn digital transformation by leveraging technologies like Data Analytics, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Deep Learning & IoT.

4. Learning and Events

SPS Offers learning courses and training sessions to different organizations and industry professionals. In this internship program, you will learn about our virtual Services like event services, virtual platform training, recording, and editing. In Digital learning services, you will have a chance to enhance your skills with our team of experts.


We offer internship opportunities in all major Sales and marketing functions.

1. Business Management

We offer internship opportunities in all major business functions. We partner with large multinationals businesses and fast-growing entrepreneurial firms. We make sure our interns have good hands on management and business development skills under the supervision of professionals. Talented, and ambitious interns who are willing to take advantage of all the opportunities that we offer, this program is the best choice. Our business internships will make your resume stand out from the crowd and advance your career.

2. Sales

Sale is a vast field, and we believe that our sales professionals are the best. They will help you to grow and make good relationships & connections with to notch organizations. This program will help you learn all the tips and tricks to retain a client and do your best with the customer.

3. Marketing

The marketing internship program will enable you to use your flair for creative writing, social media, public relations, and content creation. You’ll get hands-on experience in conducting qualitative and quantitative market research, using marketing software, and creating advertising campaigns.